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It's not just free-to-play... It is play-to-Earn!

Welcome to an all-new region of myth & lore.
Where your Meta Warriors are your unique portal into the incredible world that is the METAverse.
Where players are rewarded through our distinctive & addictive pay-for-play minigames with our very own MetaGirlWarrior token.

Tokenomics Whitepaper


''M is for META''

MAX Wallet: 2%

3% Marketing and Development

1/3 of Marketing and Development will go to community shill/raids/activity/retweet giveaways for holders

NFT Gameplay

MGW NFTs are defenders with magic powers

MetaKnight NFTs are attackers with physical powers

3% Volume to leaderboard

Top players will get a portion of the daily volume as rewards for playing

If your 'Meta' characters become more established you'll be able to use 'metamorph' to refer to possible character evolutions.


NFT collection release

All holders of our graphically insane MetaGirlWarrior NFTs will gain rewards from our incoming staking platform and will earn even more in our P2E card game.

As a welcome bonus all our NFT holders will be given a share of the 5% Pinksale locked wallet opening on March 15.

That means that every holder of our 500 unique MGW NFTs will be given 10.000 MGW tokens per NFT.

All BNB gained from the NFT purchases will be used to boost liquidity pool, buybacks and marketing to help moon the value of MGW! LFG!


About MGW Project

MetaGirlWarrior is an NFT P2E gaming project operating on the Binance Smart Chain. The MetaGirlWarrior (MGW) token will be the governance token of the metaverse created for the MGW NFTs used to play the MGW P2E games. There will be a regular series of P2E minigames allowing top competitors to earn MGW and other tokens as rewards for game play. The series of minigames will lead up to a full staking card game that will allow play to earn through player vs player card game matches. Leading up to the staking game there will also be numerous NFT drops that will increase players power for the PVP P2E game.

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The MetaGirlwarrior is a combination of all of the highlights from popular NFT and MetaVerse Characters. The characters have mythology leading to their individual powers, weapons and warrior traits to excel in battle. The story of MGW will grow over time through various NFT drops and P2E minigame releases. Upon completion of the staking game a full 3D Unity based P3E game will be created.

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Road Map

Phase 1
  • Holder migration snapshot of Babycasper, EternalGirl and MetaKnight
  • V1 BNB token value migration and refunds
  • MGW Contract creation
  • Presale
  • MGW Launch
  • NFT Mintpad Release
  • Minigame Release
  • First NFT Drop
  • AMAs and Social Media ads
  • CMC, CG and Nomics Listings
Phase 2

  • Minigame 2 release
  • Launch Minigames in Mobile apps for iOS and android
  • Relationship with Dapp Radar and Gamefi
  • NFT Drop 2
  • Youtube and TikTok campaign
  • Trading Site ads (Rapideif, Poocoin, Bogged)
Phase 3

  • Minigame 3 release
  • NFT drop 3
  • Beta Release of staking card game
  • Expand exposure in Gamefi and dapp space
  • Begin Unity 3D game creation
  • Dextools Campaign
  • Attend Gamefi Convention